Boy gör sin XS formspruta ännu mindre, med en plastificeringsenhet på bara 8 mm.
På Fakuma kommer de visa upp maskinen och tillverka en detalj på 0,078 gram samt en skottvikt på 0,06 cm³.

Läs hela deras pressrelease nedan.

World premiere: Ø 8 mm reciprocating-screw plasticizing unit

Low stroke volume, less residence time –

BOY will show at Fakuma how this works

As soon as Fakuma 2015 is opened, the first world premiere will already be on schedule: BOY will demonstrate the smallest reciprocating-screw plasticizing unit in its booth 7101 in hall A7. It will be their latest developments in the field of micro injection moulding.

“With a screw diameter of only 8 mm, we set new standards in serial production of micro and extremely small parts“, proclaims Alfred Schiffer with a little pride. The BOY Managing Partner further reports: “At Fakuma, on a BOY XS, we will show the production of a micro osteosynthesis plate (see figure) with a shot volume of only 0,06 cm³ and a part weight of 0,078 g. The special advantage of this smallest known reciprocating-screw plasticizing unit without pre-plasticization is clearly the shorter residence time of the plasticized material in the screw channel.“
With only 1,9 cm³ channel volume, the BOY XS therefore offers with this plasticizing unit great advantages when processing thermally sensitive materials. For example at the Fakuma application in the BOY booth, the PBT material will remain only about five minutes in the plasticizing unit. Compared to a 12mm screw, the residence time is reduced by more than 75 % and with a 14 mm screw by nearly 82%!

In the run-up to Fakuma, extensive tests with a multitude of various materials were positive. According to BOY, this 8 mm plasticizing unit will be available in the BOY product range as a standard supplement to the BOY XS.