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Maxi-Blast Blästermedia rekommenderar rätt typ av blästermedel för plast, gummi och metaller. Vi levererar de flesta typer från lager samma dag som ordern placeras. På vårat lager i Sverige lagerförs normalt ca 5 olika typer för omgående leverans.

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Plast blästermedelPlast blästermedel
Blästermedia för plast


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Granulated Plastic Media (Plast blästermedia)
Non-abrasive granulated plastic blast media is available in five distinct hardness, density categories and in precise size ranges.
Common uses are Mold Cleaning, Paint & Coating Removal and Screw Cleaning.
Aero-Clean®  (AC)
Dry stripping parts such as aluminum and fiberglass body vehicles and aircraft components.
Cleaning steel and aluminum molds.
Enduro-Grade® (EG)
Cleaning aluminum molds and tooling.
Deflashing plated inserts on connectors and electronic components.
Maxi-Clean® (MC)
Cleaning steel and chrome-plated molds and feed screws.
Deflashing and resin bleed removal from molded electronic components.
Maxi-VI® (MS)
Deflashing electronic components.
Stripping coatings from sensitive substrates.
Multi-Blast® (MB)
Most versatile media from mold and screw cleaning to paint and powder coat stripping.
Surface cleaning and adhesive removal from printing equipment.
Wet-Blast® (WBM)
Media available in hard or medium grade.
Cleaning of electronic components in deflashing equipment.
Light metal deburring.
Blästermedia för plast
Engineered Thermoplastic Media
Our line of engineered thermoplastic media is available in a range of sizes, shapes and colors to fit specific deflashing needs. Deflashing can be done on molded rubber, or plastic and die cast parts at higher wheel speeds due to tremendous impact strength.
Blas-Tic® (BT)
Cryogenic Grade® (CG)
Cryogenic Grade Translucent Cubical (CGTC)
Polyamide Cubical® (PA)
Polyamide Cylindrical® (PAC)
Polycarbonate® (PC)
Spherical Polystyrene® (PB)
Hard Abrasives
Ideal for low cost abrasive blast cleaning. Common applications include preparing surfaces for bonding, removing heat treat scale, deburring and general cleaning.
Aluminum Oxide (AO)
Producing an anchor pattern on surfaces for good recoating and bonding characteristics
Removing heavy foreign matter such as rust and mill-scale
Glass Bead (GB)
Low cost cleaning, peening and deburring
Provides a matte finish
Tumbling Media
Nylon tumbling media is non-abrasive and very durable. This type of media is mixed with rubber parts in a cryogenic tumbler in order to aid in the deflashing of parts and reduce deflashing cycle times.
Deflashing rubber parts in a cryogenic tumbler and in an ambient tumbler
Deflashing OD areas and some ID’s
Agricultural Media
Organic media is non-toxic and produces no silicosis hazards. This produces a safer work environment and is effective in the deflashing of many thermoset parts.
Walnut Shell
Effectively deflashes many types of thermoset parts​​​​​​​.

Static Control and Dust Inhibitor
Liquid static inhibitors provide additional effectiveness in the deflashing process by reducing dust and media buildup on parts. Providing an electrical discharge path to ground, static problems are virtually eliminated. Inhibitors can be used in both air-blast (suction or pressure style) and centrifugal wheel-blast systems.
MBI-1001 Red
Walnöt skal
Walnöt blästermedia