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Specialized manufacturer and supplier of equipments for safety and maintenance installations for Traincare centres.

The here presented products are well known for their high degree of security, high quality, effectiveness, ergonomics and high reliability. In rolling stock depots, maintenance of over-roof components such as pantographs or air conditioning system is daily. Secure accessibility to train roofs is an actual and major concern in the depots as so much workers and heavy tooling are involved. Risks are pervasive.
We offer effective solutions and adapted for:
Electrification of workshops by rigid catenary or retractable catenary
Interlocking system with other equipment for safety management
Footbridge and working platform on train roofs
Movable roof working platform to compensate gap between footbridges and train automatically fitting to any train section.
Our commitment and, above all, the quality of the technical design, mainly made thanks to most advanced 3D softwares to satisfy as far as possible the maximum of criteria for use, always permit to obtain the entire satisfaction of our customers



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